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OMB×ll25-0001 U.S. Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review Application for Cancellation of Removal for Certain Permanent Residents ADVICE TO APPLICANT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
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You are a permanent resident alien who was lawfully admitted for permanent residence on or before September 10, 2015, and You are, or were, eligible to apply for a visa under 8 1151(a)(24) and who entered the United States on or before September 10, 2015. The Secretary of State issued a Certificate of Eligibility or approval to your fiancé's nonimmigrant visa, that you are lawfully admitted to the United States as an alien for permanent residence under 8 1151(a)(24), and, subject to the limitations and conditions provided in 8 CFR, that you are not inadmissible, deportable, or excluded by reason of your nonimmigrant status from entering the United States or acquiring additional permanent resident status. Your application is not otherwise in abeyance due to a prior request for cancellation of removal or any administrative error on your part. Your fiancé's nonimmigrant visa is a foreign national card that was issued under a reciprocity arrangement that has been terminated by the Department of State. In fact, the application or renewal of the foreign national card has not been issued for many years due to the cancellation or termination of reciprocal arrangements. B. In the case of an inadmissibility, removal, or exclusion case, you are eligible for cancellation of removal if you meet the conditions described in paragraph 1; C. In the case of an individual who entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visa (a visa under 8 1151(a)(24) that was issued on or after December 31, 2015), you are eligible to have your remove or removal be cancelled on the basis of inadmissibility if you meet the conditions described in paragraph 1. This includes aliens who: 1. Failed to obtain the visa prior to the application date; 2. Attended a conference, educational, or training program that was sponsored by a foreign government, foreign entity, or foreign organization, that sponsored training that was deemed to be related to their visa, and in that connection was admitted to the United States as a nonimmigrant inadmissible under 8 1182(a)(1), or who failed to maintain an employment-based relationship until their visa application had been approved and their visa entered the process; 3. Had entered the United States after their visa was approved; 4.
Video instructions and help with filling out and completing eoir 42a
Hello welcome back to prime fashion, and today I'm going to show you how to correctly use the previous addresses the previous employment and the educational history tabs here for autofilling the concept is fairly straightforward under the address tab you're going to have every address that is defined for this person so in the next tab you're going to have just the previous addresses and the current address right so on those common forms like the g3 25a where it asks show me your last five years of Andrews history you'll have a list of it here those will autofill on the form so lets as you can see I've got a number of previous addresses which I've defined with dates prima facie will automatically organize those in descending order let's add a current address this is just the label for it this is just for inside prima facie she will add a beginning date a from date we're not going to put a to date it's not a required field and as you can see that's going to give us what's called current address now if we go to our previous addresses tab it's going to show up there, and it's going to be the most recent one because it'll be January one 2016 to the understood here is current to present alright so from here you can delete these from here you can delete them as well on the address tab one thing is important to know is when filling out addresses for filling forms even if they don't have an address history you want to define which address is going to be your physical address and which is going to be your mailing address okay, and you do that just by clicking these buttons here you can also pick another address to be a foreign address, and you can pick a different one to be your mailing address, so you can choose which apply here the same concept applies here with job history you can see here that this person worked here from twenty ten to twenty thirteen the other job from 0 4 205 again it sorts them in descending order and so if you have for example your skull e to, and we're just going to put in any old address here add that now we have undefined the day alright so let's go edit the date, and we'll say that we're going to start 2016, and it's going to put it at the top as well because this will be present right that's how it shows up on the forms so the same concept for employment educational history identical to the jobs right a couple different fields that you'll fill in when you're adding a new school so let's say University of Michigan masters of enter pole two studies alright, and you can fill out the other things, but again we'll just put a recent date we'll leave that one undefined add it and there we go it puts it to the top okay now to fill in the forms again now this is all at the contact level remember when you go into your case we have created this sample case here, and we would go to our forms and for example we'll start with the G 325a I've said who is who here and let's autofill it sometimes it takes a second there we go so G 325a will...
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